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Costs & Fees

We would like to give you an overview of the costs that you should count with if you decide to buy a property in Alanya. This overview gives you all information so that there will be no surprise for you after you signed the sales contract.

During the process of purchasing an apartment you should expect the following costs. These are paid just once when buying a property.



One-time costs
Application of the Tapu to the  military authority of Izmirapprox.  250 EUR
Real estate purchase transfer tax
3 % of current value of the property
Apartmentfrom approx. 1.500 EUR
Villafrom approx. 2.500 EUR
Clerical expenses of the Tapu officeapprox. 60 EUR
Costs for the Tapu transfer
(sworn interpreter, processing & transfer)approx. 250 EUR
Agent Commission3 % of the salesprice
Registration at the registration officeapprox. 5 EUR
Iskan for new built propertiesfrom approx. 250 EUR
Electric – new registrationfrom approx. 150 EUR
Water – new registrationfrom approx. 150 EUR
Electric-registration to your namefrom approx. 25 EUR
Water-registration to your namefrom approx. 25 EUR

But there are also costs and fees, which you should expect monthly or annually:

Running costs
Electric0,13 EUR / kwh
Waterfrom approx. 0,50 EUR / m3
Telephonefrom approx. 7 EUR / Month
Internetfrom approx. 15 EUR / Month


Maintenances for your property:
Apartmentsfrom approx. 500 EUR
Villasfrom approx. 1.000 EUR
Land tax
0,2 % of the current value of the property
New Life Management Service
Apartment200 EUR / Year
Villa300 EUR / Year


June 2017

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