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Antalya tourists are smiling

“Tourists returning from Antalya, are known by her happy expression. They return with an immense satisfaction back from their vacation.” With these words, Mr Özöztürk, operations and traffic director of the Cologne airport, descirbes the passengers who spent their holidays in Antalya . The Cologne / Bonn Airport in Germany has been the busiest airport in June. The airport company with the senior Operations and Traffic Director Cenk Özöztürk has organized a trip to Antalya , which was attended by among other travel compies like German Wings, Turkish Airlines, or Lufthansa . On the 3 day trip the German companies had the possibility to inspect the airport in Antalya but could also visit the beautiful old town of Antalya with its many attractions.
The Cologne / Bonn airport with 130 destinations in 39 countries, is one of the largest airports in Germany. Mr. Özöztürk believes that it is important for the airlines to know the most popular destinations of their customers and to experience them by themselves. Therefore, the company organized in the last year a trip to Italy. This year they have chosen to visit Antalya . The second most common destination that is served by the airport Cologne / Bonn is Antalya and it follows directly Mallorca, which is the most popular destination.
During the summer season, flights to Antalya are going every day, every year the airlines bring about 350-400000 vacationers from Cologne / Bonn to Antalya. Also, the quality of service at the airport in Antalya is outstanding. While there are repeatedly negative points in Greece or Spain, Antalya can provide a uniformly good quality. For an airport, it is not always easy to obtain this quality upright. Antalya stands out and guarantees millions of passengers every year a comfortable trip without problems and that only in the summer months. This is of course very important for the guests who arrive from Germany. You can just return home with a smile if you had a relaxed holiday.
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